Adrian Mann

Adrian Mann is a technical designer and illustrator. After studying math, physics, and art, he gained comprehensive experience working for many top-name design agencies in the UK, a wide variety of book and magazine illustration projects, and also for world-class management consultancies for clients such as Rolls-Royce and BAe.

His illustrations of the Daedalus Starship are some of the most accurate to have been produced and he will be turning this skill to its successor, the Project Icarus vehicle, once designs begin to emerge. His illustrations have appeared in many books, magazines, and TV programs. Adrian also provides illustrations for other aerospace projects, especially unbuilt UK aircraft and missiles from the 1950s and 60s. Adrian has worked with Reaction Engines Ltd since their early days, and produces all the images and animations for their revolutionary SKYLON spaceplane and SABRE engine.

Adrian and his wife Katinka currently live in rural Hungary.

Adrian Mann’s contribution to Starship Century:¬†Illustrations, Sailships and Starship Destinations

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