NowAvailable_webStarship Century is a ground‐breaking anthology of science and science fiction based on findings and discussions of the 100‐Year Starship  Symposium held in 2011.  The anthology includes non‐fiction and science fiction.

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More than a theoretical science book, Starship Century combines hard fact essays with science fiction, thus illustrating the common foundations that scientists and science fiction writers share and the mutual respect that will drive the future of space exploration.

This collection achieves a good balance between the practical and the hoped-for possible, because it’s not only about the Futurists, who forecast the probable, but also the Dreamers, (scientists and SF writers alike) who craft answers in anticipation of questions yet to be asked.

~Louis West, Tangent Online

Contributing Authors:

Stephen Baxter James Benford
Gregory Benford David Brin
John Cramer Ian Crawford
Adam Crowl Paul Davies
Don Dixon Freeman J. Dyson
Stephen Hawking Joe Haldeman
Nancy Kress Geoffrey Landis
Jon Lomberg Richard A. Lovett
Adrian Mann Tom Peters
Martin Rees Peter Schwartz
Allen Steele Neal Stephenson
Rick Sternbach Robert Zubrin

All proceeds go toward interstellar exploration research.



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  1. Keep up the good work! At a time when the future of technological civilization is hanging in the balance–due to climate change, overpopulation, resource depletion, terminally obsolete political institutions, corporate control of political decision making, etc., it is good to have an overall vision of what could be…

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