Interstellar Organizations

British Interplanetary Society

The British Interplanetary Society was founded in 1933 and is the oldest space organization in the world still in its original form. Its purpose is to promote the advancement of knowledge and the spread of education and particularly to promote the advancement and dissemination of knowledge relating to the science, engineering and technology of Astronautics and to support and engage in research studies and to disseminate the useful results. It this does through organizing meetings, lectures and symposia, holding and promoting exhibitions and communication the results of global efforts through its world renowned publications Spaceflight magazine, Odyssey, Space Chronicles and the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society.

Tau ZeroTau Zero, the oldest exclusively interstellar community is an international network of researchers, educators, writers, and artists who collaborate to solve the challenges of star flight and improve life on Earth in the process. They share that progress openly to improve public understanding and to inspire future pioneers. Specific goals: find today’s pioneering work, share news of that progress (principally via the our “Centauri Dreams” news forum website, make more progress and inspire tomorrow’s pioneers. http://www.tauzero.aerohttp://www.centauri-dreams

Icarus InterstellarThe mission of Icarus Interstellar is to realize interstellar flight before the year 2100. It seeks to accomplish that objective by researching and developing the science and the technologies that will make interstellar flight a reality, igniting the public’s interest, and engaging with all those prepared to invest in interstellar exploration. It is an umbrella organization with a number of separate projects under it.


Inst for Interstellar StudiesThe Institute for Interstellar Studies™ is a global organization with a mission to foster and promote education, knowledge and technical capabilities which lead to designs, technologies or enterprise that will enable the construction and launch of interstellar spacecraft. It aspires towards an optimistic future for humans on Earth and in space. It has a bold vision to be an organization, which is central to catalyzing the conditions in society over the next century to enable robotic and human exploration of the frontier beyond our solar system and to other stars, as part of a long-term enduring strategy and towards a sustainable space-based economy.


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