Event: 9/17/13 Long Now Foundation


September 17, 2013: Peter Schwartz “The Starships ARE Coming”, The Long Now Foundation, SF Jazz Center – San Francisco (live audio stream will be available to members)

Co-editor, James Benford will be in attendance for this talk by Starship Century contributor Peter Schwartz.  Copies of the book will be available.

There is an appalling distance between here and the countless planets we’re discovering around stars other than our Sun. At first glance we can never span those light years. At second glance however…

“The 100-year Starship” is the name of now-culminating project that mustered a handful of scientists and science fiction writers to contemplate how humanity might, over the coming century, realistically develop the ability to escape our Solar System and travel the light years to others.

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Peter Schwartz on stage with Stewart Brand

Peter Schwartz on stage with Stewart Brand

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