Starship Symposium – London

October 21, 2013: The Second Starship Century Symposium – Royal Astronomical Society, Piccadilly, London This is the sequel to their enormously successful first symposium, which was held at the Arthur C Clarke Center for Human Imagination at the University of … Continue reading

Intro part 2 – Starships in Science Fiction

The following is the second half of the introduction to Starship Century available in print and ebook  August 2013.  The first part can be found here.  Starships in Science Fiction The effect on science fiction (sf) writers mirrors this decline. … Continue reading

Stephen Baxter

Stephen Baxter is a British science fiction writer, perhaps best known for his “Xeelee” future-history sequence of novels and short stories. He is the author of more than forty books and over a hundred short stories. His most recent books are … Continue reading