Starship Symposium – London

October 21, 2013: The Second Starship Century Symposium – Royal Astronomical Society, Piccadilly, London This is the sequel to their enormously successful first symposium, which was held at the Arthur C Clarke Center for Human Imagination at the University of … Continue reading

Event: 9/17/13 Long Now Foundation

  September 17, 2013: Peter Schwartz “The Starships ARE Coming”, The Long Now Foundation, SF Jazz Center – San Francisco (live audio stream will be available to members) Co-editor, James Benford will be in attendance for this talk by Starship … Continue reading

James Benford

James Benford is president of Microwave Sciences, which deals with high power microwave systems from conceptual designs to hardware. Over the past forty-five years of scientific research he has written 145 scientific papers and six books on physics topics, including the … Continue reading