Martin Rees

Martin Rees is the author of many research papers, mainly on astrophysics and cosmology, as well as numerous general articles and eight books, some on science and some on politics and policy, including Before the Beginning, Gravity’s Fatal Attraction, Our Final Hour, ’ust Six Numbers, Our Cosmic Habitat and (most recently) From Here to Infinity: a Vision for the Future of Science.

His scientific research has been on black holes, “extreme” cosmic phenomena, galaxy formation, the early universe, and the concept of the multiverse. He has also been involved in more political issues, especially those involving space, and the role of “existential risks” to the planet stemming from excessive pressure on the environment, and the misuse of powerful new technologies.

Martin Rees’ contribution to Starship Century: “To the Ends of the Universe”

More about Martin Rees:

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