Adam Crowl

Adam Crowl was born in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia in 1970. His first memory of TV is watching the BBC documentary on the Viking landings (1976) and (black & white) episodes of Space 1999 and Star Trek. At age nine he learnt of a star-probe named “Daedalus,” and was given a little book, Road to the Stars by Iain Nicholson, which opened his eyes to serious interstellar travel research. Since then Adam earned a B. Sc at the University of Queensland; raised a family; has retaught himself mathematics and physics while semi-completing an engineering/computing degree; written essays on SETI for the late Chris Boyce, on fusion propulsion for “Centauri Dreams, gas-mining Uranus” for Discovery News, and joined Project Icarus. Currently he is Team Leader for Project Icarus’s Main Propulsion Module.

Contribution to Starship Century: “Starship Pioneers”

More about Adam Crowl: &

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