Research Project: Priorities for Interstellar Efforts for the Next Two Decades

We’re happy to pass on this from Heath Rezabek, Librarian and Futurist; presenter at 100YSS 2012 and Scheduled Presenter at Starship Congress 2013.  Please take a moment to read, share and participate in this survey.  ~Jg

If you’re interested in space and space exploration, or if you’re interested not only in space but in long-term efforts to achieve interstellar travel in the fullness of time, I would like to survey your thoughts and feedback for a research project.  The survey data collected will be presented in an accepted session at the 2013 Starship Congress in August of this year.  Results will be fully documented and reported for the benefit of all stakeholders in the future.

Through the use of the open source surveying platform at, I am asking long-term space exploration advocates the following question:

What do you see as a priority for interstellar efforts over the next 10-20 years?

The survey is stocked with priorities submitted thus far, running the gamut from the very interstellar-priorities-apod-20121212specific to the broad and general.  Skeptical or constructively critical submissions are also welcomed!  I am gathering as many new or additional ideas as you are willing to submit.

Because of the way a wikisurvey works, the system can handle a very large number of ideas, and individuals can vote as many times as they like.  This inclusive approach yields nonchaotic results because of the way a wikisurvey strictly limits poll matchups to two randomly drawn ideas per round. The resulting data and polling set will be designated CC0 (public domain), so that the ideas this open question yields can be of full benefit to others who may explore this same question in the future. This project is an experiment in a new series of such surveys on a wide range of challenges, called Open Questions:  Questions of priority whose answers may be developed and used by all.

Thanks for participating and passing this on,
Heath Rezabek, Librarian and Futurist
Austin, Texas, USA
>>Presenter on Long Term Preservation of the Cultural and Biological Record at 100YSS 2012
>>Scheduled Presenter at Starship Congress 2013

If you want to know more, feel free to email Heath directly at heath.rezabek at gmail dot com
You can join the conversation about the Starship Congress on their Google + page

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Research Project: Priorities for Interstellar Efforts for the Next Two Decades — 1 Comment

  1. maybe more effort should be generated towards a near-earth asteroid with an interesting trajectory,i.e. allowing us to access planets like mars or the main asteroid belt more easily

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