Event: 9/25/13 KPCC


September 25, 2013: Gregory Benford – NEXT: Is this the Starship Century?, KPCC (Southern California Public Radio), The Crawford Family Foundation – Pasadena,CA

Physicist and Nebula Award-winning science fiction writer Gregory Benford is at the forefront of this quest. He has just published, with his physicist brother James Benford, “Starship Century –Toward the Grandest Horizon,” featuring writing by leading scientists and masters of science fiction, all focused on moving humans to the final chapter in space travel – building a starship and taking interstellar flight. How will humanity change as it spreads throughout the galaxy? Join Gregory Benford at the Crawford Family Forum for conversation with NEXT science series host Mat Kaplan, and imagine your first step to the stars.  

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Nuclear Spaceship Leaving Orbit


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